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         Ningdu County Fumin Forest Products Technology Co., LtdWas established in 1998 (formerly known as Ningdu County fine chemical plant), is a pine resin as raw materials in the deep processing of rosin production of the manufacturers, the company to food additives rosin glycerol ester and food additives polyvinyl acetate-based products, but also the production of rosin, turpentine , Rosin resin and a series of products. Strong technical force, have a first-class production equipment, advanced research and development and testing equipment for product quality to provide a strong guarantee. The company long-term perspective, so far the company has completed 12168 acres of pine resin base to create a cumulative investment of more than 500 million for the long-term development of enterprises to lay a solid foundation. Companies adhering to the "win-win cooperation, reputation reputation reputation" of faith, wholeheartedly welcome customers to come to my company to discuss business.


Production capacity


Production capacity: So far our company has been equipped with a number of production lines, with an annual output of more than 6,000 tons of rosin, turpentine more than 1,300 tons, more than 3,000 tons of rosin resin, more than 2,000 tons of food additives, more than 8,000 tons of food additives rosin glycerol , In the forefront of the same industry in the country。。

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